Charles Swedlund

Charles Swedlund has spent his life equally as a photographer and a teacher. Born (1935) and raised in Chicago, Chuck acquired his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Institute of Design in 1958… Continue reading

Wallpieces by Jonas Etter

An object whose volume consists of viscid burnt sugar, melted due to air moisture while being another work of art. Put on the wall immediately before the opening reception, the content slowly starts… Continue reading

Ian Crawley

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Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen

Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen, both based in Brooklyn, NY have collaborated since 2005. They continue making work together because their collaborative process has given them a platform to articulate the collective… Continue reading

Koen Lybaert

1965 born in Wilrijk, Belgium. Koen Lybaert is a Belgian artist active in different art fields. Each of his painting has a different approach and mood. On his abstracts Koen Lybaert has carefully… Continue reading

Aron Demetz

For years, Aron Demetz (1972) has been focusing on the human figure, on contemporary characters which appear to be frozen in poses of the antique portraiture or paralysed in bizarre postures. This realistic… Continue reading

Antony Gormley

“The impossible thing I’m trying to do is accept that we live in the world of the visible but make it unsatisfactory enough that behind the visible is some other kind of potential… Continue reading

Rebecca Cairns

Rebecca Cairn is a Canadian photographer who now lives and works in Berlin. For more of her beautiful work, go on her website and blog. Also, follow her on Facebook for the latest… Continue reading

I Can’t Belong To Winter By Jorge F. Marques

“The feeling is of orphanhood. The cold and the rain remind me I do not belong here. The light assists me. So as the colors and cropped shadows. Always lacking our presence or… Continue reading

Skinprints by Christian Vogt

Christian Vogt, born 1946. Since the late 1960s Christian Vogt has produced a photographic oeuvre impressive for its creative inventiveness and its unexpected twists. He is a master of the art of photographic… Continue reading