Koen Lybaert


1965 born in Wilrijk, Belgium. Koen Lybaert is a Belgian artist active in different art fields. Each of his painting has a different approach and mood. On his abstracts Koen Lybaert has carefully layered oil painting on canvases or paper, creating a dense mixture of overlapping colours and shapes. The graduations of tone are quite subtle, slowly deepening and fading before our eyes. Like an imaginary world of coloured abstract fields of mystic and pure nature or dreamy landscapes. Expressive abstracts with a joyful play of lines and drops with a spontaneously mixes of colour. Shapes, lines and colours fade away in the background while others appear at front. Koen Lybaert find his inspiration on nature, space and in old industrial details. He creates his unique abstract view on the universe he lives in. Next to it he change his approch to paintings in his landscapes, based on his own photographs taken during his daily walks or holidays. These photographs are also part of his serie of overpainted photographs.

Source: http://www.saatchionline.com/koenlybaert