Where I Am Still by Linda Alterwitz


The injection itself is somewhat toxic, radiation mixed with glucose, but the forthcoming knowledge outweighs the risk. I sit quietly while the chemicals flow through my veins…

Alterwitz’s photographic series WHILE I AM STILL challenges the viewer to explore a disquieting escape of the mind amidst the physical body’s subjugation of testing inside a medical imaging machine. In these photographs, Alterwitz weaves together images of the human body derived from medical PET scans with landscapes and with images of fabrics, revealing ethereal figures in a raw and vulnerable state. The mind, wrestling with sadness, fear, and hope, retreats to a safe refuge.  Alterwitz brings insight and awareness to the struggle and the resulting withdrawal of the inner mind.  What remains is the unearthed soul desperately searching for a place of sanctuary.


Linda Alterwitz is a Las Vegas based visual artist. Having earned a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Denver specializing in painting and drawing, she changed paths in 2006 to follow a conceptual passion that delves into the fine boundaries of art and science.

Source: http://www.lindaalterwitz.com/

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